How do I program my car’s Homelink system to operate my Linear garage door operator?

The HomeLink system copies a transmitter that has already been learned into your Linear garage door operator’s memory. To learn the transmitter into Homelink, take the transmitter into your car. Press and hold the Homelink button in the car. Press and hold the button on the transmitter that is currently programmed to open your door for 8 to 9 seconds, release only the transmitter button, and immediately press and hold for 8 to 9 seconds. Repeat four to five times, (holding the HomeLink button all of the time) or until Homelink signals that it has learned the code from the transmitter.

Homelink needs about 30 to 35 seconds to learn the complex code used in the MegaCode series transmitters used with the Linear LDO/LSO/LCO series operators, and our transmitters stop transmitting after 10 seconds, so we must use this method to fool HomeLink into thinking it is getting a continuous 30 second transmission.

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