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AE-500: Programming with a computer
Viewed 8201 times since Mon, Jul 30, 2012
Download the attached file for help in programming the AE-500 with a computer:AE-500_basic_remote_programming-Article-788.pdf Or, you can go to the Web site and follow the instructions to view the presentation online. Read More
What is the wire color code for a card reader?
Viewed 7231 times since Mon, Aug 16, 2010
Red................Power + Black.............Ground (Power & Data) Blue...............Hold Orange..........Green LED Brown............Red LED Green............Data-0 White.............Data-1 Read More
AK-11 - Hold Open Code
Viewed 7057 times since Mon, Mar 22, 2010
Enter programming by pressing # 9 # then the Master Code (Default: 1 2 3 4 5 6) Press 0 1 # Enter the new code and press # Enter the same code again and Press # Enter 1 0 and press # Repeat steps 1 – 5 to enter additional hold open codes. When... Read More
Megacode button designations
Viewed 3991 times since Tue, May 25, 2010
For ease in programming various Megacode receivers, Linear gives each button on its multi-button remotes specific designations: Left, Right, Top, Bottom Left, and Bottom Right. When pressed, each button causes the remote to send its 5-digit code,... Read More
What is PBUS?
Viewed 3987 times since Mon, Mar 22, 2010
PBUS is a proprietary data format used in some Linear access control products for communicating with remote devices. The PBUS data format is not compatible with other manufacturers' products. Read More
In Axnet, Internet Explorer (any version) won’t display the Opening Page
Viewed 3983 times since Fri, Oct 22, 2010
You may find that when you try to open the Axnet root menu page, Internet Explorer (IE) displays the scrolling blue line but does not open the page. Eventually, the browser may time out and display an error message. You may have been able to open the... Read More
How do I use your direct connect cable if my computer does not have a serial (COM) port?
Viewed 3514 times since Wed, Aug 24, 2011
In order to use a direct connect cable on a computer that does not have a serial (COM) port you will need to use a USB-to-Serial adapter. These devices can usually be purchased from a store that sells and/or services computers. You can also obtain... Read More
What Operating Systems are Compatible with Linear Access Products?
Viewed 3332 times since Wed, Apr 28, 2010
AccessBase, AccessBase2000, and the Axnet Utilities are compatible with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Click the following link to view the Windows 7 Compatibility report: When... Read More
View and Print the Access Panel’s Information
Viewed 3300 times since Mon, May 16, 2011
AccessBase/AccessBase2000 contains an application called AccessView. With this application, you can download the memory from the access control panel to your computer. The download is rendered in text format rather than data. This allows you to view... Read More
AK-11, AK-21(W), AK-31 - Reset Password
Viewed 3064 times since Wed, Mar 24, 2010
On the circuit board, there is a small jumper labeled JP2. Simply remove this jumper. The keypad will start beeping. Replace the jumper. Note: The keypad only needs to beep one time to reset the password. The password will be reset to 1 2 3 4 5 6... Read More
How do I restore an AE-500 backup?
Viewed 2992 times since Tue, Oct 25, 2011
Cannot restore an AE-500 Backup: If the Restore option does not give you a box to select the AE-500 backup, then you will need to download the DRU500 Application. You can download the DRU500 Application and instructions with the Link that follows... Read More
What is a Validation Group?
Viewed 2976 times since Wed, May 19, 2010
Validation Groups, often called security or access levels, allow you to restrict the access of a Cardholder or group of Cardholders by date/time and door. Typically validation groups are set up for groups of people with the same access requirements.... Read More
How do I program my AM/II to allow all transmitter codes to work?
Viewed 2956 times since Fri, Oct 22, 2010
You may find it necessary to assure that all residents are able to enter the property but you don't have a list of their transmitters. The only way to provide access is to enter a block of transmitters that encompasses all available codes. Because of... Read More
How do I Create a Validation Group?
Viewed 2935 times since Mon, May 17, 2010
AccessBase (AB) & AccessBase2000 (AB2K): Click the "Setup” button. Click "Global Network Settings.” Click the Door Schedule tab. Select a Door Schedule from the drop-down list. Click on "Time Zones” (AB) or "Time... Read More
Time Zone opens the gate, but the gate won’t close
Viewed 2863 times since Tue, Jun 1, 2010
Refer to attached:Time-Zone-Opens-Gate-Wont-Article-544.pdf Read More
How Far can I run an RS-232 (serial) Connection
Viewed 2806 times since Mon, Mar 22, 2010
Forty to fifty feet (12m - 15m) is the practical maximum distance using Enhanced CAT5 cable. Some technicians have made longer runs, but this isn't recommended. There are several wireless RS-232 solutions on the market, but Linear does not recommend... Read More
Which firmware version can be updated?
Viewed 2722 times since Thu, Jul 1, 2010
Remote firmware updates became available with the introduction of firmware version 2.5. Version 2.5 also introduced Axnet capability to the access and telephone entry lines. Because of the dual capability, these units were dubbed "Plus”.... Read More
Can I use a Wiegand output keypad?
Viewed 2694 times since Wed, Mar 24, 2010
If the Wiegand output keypad provides standard 26, 30, or 31 bit data, it should work with any Linear access control panel that is designed to accept Wiegand input. Read More
How do I remove a block of cards or transmitters from my panel?
Viewed 2620 times since Tue, Jun 1, 2010
The following instructions apply to both card and transmitter blocks: AccessBase (AB) and AccessBase2000 (AB2K) Card or transmitter blocks can only be deleted after all assigned cards or transmitters within the block range are surrendered (removed)... Read More
Can toll tag be used to open my gate?
Viewed 2586 times since Mon, Mar 22, 2010
As long as the Toll Tag reader will output standard 26, 30, or 31 Bit Wiegand data format, it should work with any Linear access control panel that is designed to accept card reader data. Read More
What’s the maximum distance you can go with an RS-485 connection?
Viewed 2513 times since Mon, Mar 22, 2010
RS-485 is limited to a total of 4,000 feet. This is a per-network distance meaning the total length of all cable runs within a network should not exceed 4,000 feet. Read More
How do I download and view the Event Log in Axnet?
Viewed 2513 times since Wed, May 26, 2010
This article assumes you have successfully connected to the network. Using a browser: Click Eventlog. Select the controller. The Event Log will be displayed with the newest event first. Although Axnet does not allow you to monitor... Read More
Sometimes my Telephone Entry says "System In Use"
Viewed 2478 times since Fri, May 7, 2010
The "System In Use” message indicates that a number other than zero has been entered in the "Keypad Strikes And Out” field during programming. Keypad strikes and out determines how many wrong entry codes can be tried before being locked... Read More
How do I set the Node Address on my Access Panels?
Viewed 2468 times since Mon, Mar 22, 2010
The AE-1000+, AE-2000+, and AM-3+ are able to be networked together, but you need to set a Node Address so the computer will recognize individual panels. Although the controls on the AE units and the AM-3+ are in different locations, the Node... Read More
What PDA’s are compatible with our Access control system?
Viewed 2449 times since Thu, Jul 7, 2011
Linear does not support PDA's any longer. Read More
How do I set the PBUS Address in my Remote Device?
Viewed 2438 times since Mon, Mar 22, 2010
Each Remote Device needs to have a unique device number. Valid device numbers are 1 – 6. Inside the Remote Device, on the circuit board, you will see a small square switch with a screwdriver slot. You’ll notice that one end of the... Read More
Do I need a modem with an AM-3+?
Viewed 2388 times since Mon, Mar 8, 2010
The optional modem is required if you plan to program the panel from a remote location. Modem: ACM-1 – ACP00905 Read More
How many Wiegand and PBUS devices can I have on my panels?
Viewed 2345 times since Mon, Mar 15, 2010
The AE-1000+, AE-2000+, and AM-3+ allow up to two Wiegand and 6 PBUS devices to be connected at the same time. Read More
What Wiegand format do the panels support?
Viewed 2341 times since Wed, Mar 24, 2010
Linear access control panels support standard Wiegand 26, 30, and 31 bit data format. Read More
What’s the Maximum Distance you can go with a Remote Device?
Viewed 2341 times since Mon, Mar 22, 2010
The cable run for a remote device should not exceed 500' (150m). If you choose to use CAT5E cable, you must either double the power and ground wires or power the remote device locally with a 12VDC supply. Read More
When I Download the Event Log, Does it Delete the Events on the Panel?
Viewed 2282 times since Mon, Mar 29, 2010
When the Event Log is downloaded, the software places a tag, or marker, in the panel's Event Log file so the next download will only include events that occurred after the marker. Events prior to the download are stored on the computer's hard drive... Read More
MCT remotes and access control
Viewed 2243 times since Tue, Apr 5, 2011
The MCT series of transmitters are not recommended for use with the receivers used in our access control panels. The access control panels use super heterodyne technology resulting in a narrow bandwidth. While the MCT transmitters may work at first,... Read More
Can I use Another Brand of Card on your Card Reader?
Viewed 2237 times since Fri, Mar 5, 2010
No. Other manufacturer's cards will not work on Linear card readers. Read More
What type of wire should I use for my remote devices?
Viewed 2226 times since Mon, Mar 22, 2010
Remote devices can be connected using CAT5E cable. The maximum recommended range from the panel to the device is 500 feet. Read More
What is the part number for the Down-light in the AK Series Keypads?
Viewed 2166 times since Fri, Oct 22, 2010
Most Linear keypads use a standard automotive light bulb Type 658. These bulbs are not sold by Linear; however, they are readily available at most automotive parts stores and on the Internet. Read More