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The bag indicator shows the bag is full, but I checked it and it isn’t.
Viewed 2250 times since Wed, Mar 10, 2010
Our AVR (Red Series) and AVP (Platinum Series) canisters have a bag indicator which is used to "warn" users that it may be time to empty the bag or refuse bucket. Some models have an indicator light that will blink when it is time to empty the bag... Read More
What model of vacuum do I need for my house?
Viewed 2023 times since Wed, Mar 17, 2010
We offer two different types of central vacuums, and each one has four different models. 1. The Red Series, or bagless unit, has a canister that deposits the dirt and debris directly into a bucket which you remove and empty. 2. The Platinum Serries,... Read More
What is the decibel rating for your Vacuums?
Viewed 1963 times since Wed, May 26, 2010
The industry does not have a standard for measuring dB levels. Sound levels depend on the size of the room, the material from which the room is constructed, the distance from a vacuum unit at which the measurement is taken, and the level of generated... Read More
Is there any way to lower the sound of my vacuum?
Viewed 1699 times since Mon, Aug 16, 2010
The Model VMMUFS Noise-reducing Exhaust Muffler attaches between the central vacuums' exhaust port and the exhaust piping system. The muffler greatly reduces the sound level of the central vacuums' exhaust system. The Model VMMUFS noise-reducing... Read More
Can you replace the inlet doors?
Viewed 1648 times since Wed, Jun 16, 2010
The doors are not available for purchase individually. The entire wall inlet must be replaced. Please contact us at if you have further questions. Read More
What are the dimensions for the hole in the wall for the dust pan?
Viewed 1639 times since Wed, Jun 16, 2010
Using a hole saw, cut an access hole 1 ½" in diameter. Then cut a 6 ¾" long slot in the base board, tight to one stud. Read More