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A good starting point for those who do not know much about their IEI Keypad(s).
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How do I add/change or delete a user?
Viewed 5337 times since Thu, Apr 8, 2010
The basic format for adding or changing a user code is (user number # code * code *) where: User Number = the number of the user in the list of users held internally by the keypad. Keypads in the 212 and 232 series have the capacity of 120 users.... Read More
What model keypad do I have?
Viewed 4251 times since Tue, Mar 30, 2010
Most keypads manufactured by IEI have a label on the inside which has the model number printed on it. It may also help to identify your keypad model by visiting the following web page which shows most current model keypads sold by IEI: http://www... Read More
Managers Lockout for an Electromagnetic Door Lock
Viewed 3055 times since Mon, Mar 22, 2010
Problem: A customer wants to control access through a door by entering a "Managers Code" to lock out user codes. Solution: Use a Command and Control 212R or 212SE keypad and follow the wiring diagram and programming commands below. The explanation... Read More
Flashing lights on my device
Viewed 2875 times since Thu, Apr 8, 2010
What do the flashing lights on my device mean? Most IEI keypads will use the reference below: LED/Sounder Visual/Audible Condition Description Yellow LED Slow Blink Unit is in program mode ... Read More
How do I setup ATM vestibule mode for the 233 Self Contained Access Control System?
Viewed 2822 times since Wed, Mar 24, 2010
The 233 Self Contained Access Control System is made up of 2 parts: 233 Magnetic Card Reader 233 Programming Keypad To set up ATM mode on the 233 Access Control System, take the following steps: Connect one of the included 3 wire harnesses... Read More
Why does my ProxPad continue to beep every few seconds?
Viewed 2241 times since Thu, Apr 8, 2010
To resolve this issue take the following steps. Open the ProxPad and locate the connector labeled P2. Insert the wiring harness with the orange and white wires, into this connector. Tie the white and orange wires to your door contacts. If not using... Read More
How do I know what iLM I have?
Viewed 912 times since Tue, Feb 3, 2015
There are three parts to the iLM Style Keypad: 212iLM (0-231344): a single stand-alone keypad, no door monitoring ability 232iLM (0-230800): 1 Wiegand/Secured Series keypad, 1 HC500 controller, this 2 part system has a front end keypad with the... Read More