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Turn PERS Off at end of contract

Q: Should our PERS subscribers turn the power switch "off" to return the equipment at the end of their contract period?

A: Yes. Both the PERS-2400 and PERS-3600 kits are provided with a 12V backup battery - so the unit will continue to operate on battery power if it is unplugged. (The unit doesn’t know if there is a power failure, or if the subscriber has unplugged it.) To preserve the 12V backup battery, the users should be instructed to turn the power switch to the "off" position before shipping.

Battery Notes:

If the switch is left "on" on a PERS-2400, this will cause deep cycling of the sealed lead-acid battery, and reduce the battery’s life. It does not cause any damage to the PERS unit.

Under normal operation, 12V batteries will meet the backup power spec requirement well beyond their 1 year warranty period, but will eventually lose their capacity and need to be replaced. The batteries, which are commercially available for about $6.00 are field serviceable.

Console Design Approaches
The advantage to the PERS-2400 design is that it is provides maximum hold-up storage to the client. (32 hours specified.)

The PERS-3600 offers battery "load-shed", which will not allow deep cycling of the sealed lead-acid battery. There is no free lunch, and this design trade-off comes at the cost of some hold-up storage to the client. (30 hours specified.)

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