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How do I increase the force setting on my LDCO800 operator?

The LDCO800 computes the force required to open and close the door every cycle, and automatically adjusts the forces as necessary over the life of the operator, to compensate for changing door conditions. Setting a different force factor may be required in doors with unusually rapid changes in the forces required to open and close them, such as wooden doors that soak up water during rain storms. To set the "force factor" on the LDCO800, press and hold the "up" button and "down" button for 3 seconds. The green and red LEDs will blink twice, and then light to indicate the force factor setting. Green is the lowest (default setting), red and green is medium, and red is the highest. Pressing the "up (+)" button will increase the force factor, pressing the "down (-)" button will decrease the force factor. After you have the force factor set where you want it, press the learn button to confirm this setting. If you do not press the learn button, the force factor will return to the original setting after 30 seconds.
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