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How do I install the DXS-62A petite wristband?

Installing the petite wristband can be a real challenge!

The trick is to leave the standard band’s plastic pieces (the strap adapters) attached to the body of the remote, then either use scissors to cut off the old band, or a sharp pocket knife to compress and remove the spring pin that holds the strap in place (wear eye protection). No matter which method you use to remove the band, you need to compress and remove the two spring pins.

With the remote lying on a flat surface with the back facing up, place the new band across the back of the remote, roughly centered along the length of the strap, with the side that touches the wrist, also facing up. Make sure the buckle will be in a comfortable location after installation. You may want to place the strap on the user and mark the approximate location of the remote.

Take one of the spring pins and, compressing the strap, place it in one of the holes of the strap adapter.

Now you need to take the pocket knife and carefully compress the spring pin and guide it into the other hole in the strap adapter. This "traps” the new band under the pin.

Do the same thing with the other spring pin.

Now the wrist strap should lie across the back of the remote and run under the two spring pins.

Normally you would adjust the strap to fit the end user so it’s tight enough to stay in place, but loose enough to slide off over their hand, without disturbing the adjustment, should they wish to remove it. You can remove the excess strap with a pair of scissors. A bit of fingernail polish or "super glue” on the cut end of the strip will prevent unraveling.

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