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AP-4, AP-5 - New remotes will not work after programming

All transmitters (remotes) are shipped with an access code and a Facility Code. While the access code is required when programming transmitters, the Facility Code is optional.

Often, when someone programs a block of transmitters, they will also program the Facility Code. At a later date, if someone else programs transmitters and they happen to be a different Facility Code, they won’t work.

The simplest "fix” for this situation is to "zero out” the facility codes in the receiver. By doing this, the receiver will grant access to any transmitter programmed in to it, regardless of the Facility Code.

To zero out, or remove Facility Codes:

  1. Press the "Program" button for 3 seconds
    You will see Pid on the display then 3 underscores_ _ _
  2. Enter 1 0 #.
  3. Enter 1 #.
  4. Enter 0 #.
  5. Enter 1 0 #.
  6. Enter 2 #.
  7. Enter 0 #.
  8. Enter 1 0 #.
  9. Enter 3 #.
  10. Enter 0 #.
  11. Enter 1 0 #.
  12. Enter 4 #.
  13. Enter 0 #.
  14. Press and release the "Program" button to exit programming.

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