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How do I select a specific button in the WOR?

The WOR is designed to accept any button pressed on a Megacode remote; however, there may be situations that require certain buttons be used and other buttons be rejected. For instance, there may be two gates in close proximity and you want to use a different button on each gate (Maybe use the left button for the entrance gate and the right button for the exit gate).

In order to choose the correct button, you would use the Button DIP switches on the WOR: In order to activate a button, you would turn the corresponding DIP switch OFF. To deactivate a button, you would turn the corresponding DIP switch ON.

This seems backwards, however, in the circuit, each switch grounds a leg on the button decoder IC. By grounding the leg, it forces the IC to ignore the button associated with that leg.

After completing the DIP switch settings, and with power applied to the WOR, press and release the program button. This procedure records the switch settings in the receiver’s memory so if a switch gets changed inadvertently, no change will take place unless the program button is pressed and released again.

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