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I can no longer communicate with my ProxPad or Max3 using the USB to Serial Converter on a Single Gang Plate.

Max3/MiniMax3 - USB to Serial Converter

Hardware connections:

    1. Verify that the USB cable is plugged into the USB port on the PC.
    2. Verify that the USB cable is plugged into the USB wall plate and that the red LED is lit on the wall plate.
      1. If the red LED is not lit, unplug the USB cable at the wall plate and plug it back in.
    3. Check the connections from the USB converter to TS-3 on the back plane or the P5 connecter on the ProxPadPlus.


USB Converter --------- TS-3
Black   GND
Red   B
Gray   A


USB Converter ---------- P5 Connector
Black   Green
Red   White
Gray   Brown
    Blue not used
  1. Verify that the switch labeled System on the backplane is set to Local on the Max3.
  2. Verify which Com Port the USB Serial Port occupies in Windows.Often Windows will re-assign the Com Port designation to a convertor when it has been unplugged.
    1. Right click on the My Computer icon on your Desktop and choose properties from the drop down menu.
    2. Click on the Hardware tab.
    3. Click on the Device Manager button.
    4. Click on the + or triangle to the left of Ports (COM & LPT). If you do not see Ports (COM & LPT) in the list please see How do I install the USB Driver?.
    5. Take note of the number at the end of the line that list the USB Serial Port.It will say (COMX) where X = a number. That number is your COM port number.
    6. If that number is greater than 8, then you must change the COM port number for your USB Serial Port.
      1. Right click on the USB Serial Port that you want to change and choose Properties.
      2. Click on the Port Settings tab.
      3. Click on the Advanced button
        1. At the top of the window, change the Com Port to any available Com Port number from 1 to 8. Your system may have other COM Ports. Choose a number not in use by another device.
      4. Once you have changed the number, click on ok.
      5. Go to the Action menu in the Device Manager and choose Scan for Hardware Changes and your USB Serial Port will show the current Com Port.
  3. Select the same COM Port in the Hub Manager® Program as shown in the Device Manager for the USB Serial Port. Do a Network Query from the Communications Menu to verify communications.
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