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I want to delete a user, but I don’t know the user number

If you need to delete a specific user but do not know the user number they are assigned then you will need to go into your Hub Manager® application.

The Import Door Settings feature imports and displays the complete user data and door settings of any physically connected (com port, modem, or TCP/IP) door controller to the Hub Manager® Professional computer. This is useful if you need to retrieve the information stored in a door controller for troubleshooting or if you lose you database and you don’t have the information stored anywhere else. You can then view, print or save this information to a space delimited text file. This imported information is stored separately from the central Hub Manager® Professional databases in a text file and cannot directly overwrite any data in the Hub Manager® Professional database. If you did lose your database, you would then need to re-enter your data.

Note: The Import Door Settings cannot be performed on Handheld connected controllers.

  1. First go to Database > Sites and select the site containing the door from which you want to retrieve data. Click the Connect button and exit the screen.
  2. Then go to Communications > Import Door Settings from the Hub Manager® Professional main menu to access the Import Door Settings feature.
  3. Select the door controller from the drop down list.
  4. To begin the import, click the Start button.
  5. When complete the data appears on the screen
  6. You can now either print the data or save it to a file. To print the data to you printer select Print. To save the data to a file select File.
  7. Now click the Print button. If you are printing it to hardcopy, then a standard printer dialog opens. If you are saving it to a file, then a standard save file dialog appears.
  8. When finished, click the Cancel button to close the screen.

The import will show the user number as indicated in the attachment at the bottom of this article. Please click on the link for the attachment to see an example.

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