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Why doesn’t my modem work with Hub Manager® version 8?

The first thing to do is determine which version of modem you are working with and what Max controller you are installing it to.
If you are using a Hub Max 3 and installing a max 3 modem (M3M) the Hub Manager® 8 application will work fine.

However, if you are installing a Max 2 modem (SS-modem) it will only work on a Hub Max 2 controller and the version of modem needs to be defined if it is version 1 or version 2.

The easiest fix is to use Hub Manager® 7.4 as there are less known issues when connecting to a modem.

Max 3/MiniMax 3 Systems – Modem Communication Error.

Affected Product: p/n M3M – Max 3 Modem Module.


Errors may occur when attempting to communicate to a Max3 system using the Max3 Modem (M3M) for the first time. When trying to establish a connection, you get an error message stating that there is either no connection, or the number of retries has been exceeded and door 1 is not found. The error is found in the Max 3 Modem with a manufactured date code prior to 2308 (where 23 is the week number and 08 is the year). If you are currently using the Max 3 Modem and have not experienced the communication error, this problem does not apply.


An Engineering Change Order in mid May corrected the issue. For systems that exhibit the communication errors as described, call IEI’s technical support at 800.421.1587 for the resolution.

Products affected:


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