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I received a ’Device is not connected or unexpected device type’ error message while trying to export to the door controller.

Take the following steps to resolve this issue:
  1. Go to the communication menu and choose network query.
  2. Click Start and let the network query "discover" your doors.
  3. When all of your doors have been discovered, press stop on the network query window.
  4. Take note of the devices in the expected column, particularly the version numbers of the different controllers.
  5. Take note of the devices in the found column, particularly the version number of the different controllers. Below is an example.
    Number Found Name Expected
    1 Max2 v2 Back Door Max2 v1
    2 Max2 v2 Front Door Max2 v2
    3 Hub+/Max IT Hub+/Max
  6. Notice in the above example, that Door 1 is a version 2 controller but the expected column shows a version 1 controller. The expected version was entered when the Door information was entered manually. The correct information must be entered in the Door screen.
  7. Close the network query window and click on the Doors icon or choose Doors from the Database Menu.
  8. Edit any door where the version number in the found column differs from the version number in the expected column. Change the Controller Type selection to match the version number in the found column.
  9. Save your changes and perform another network query.
  10. The found and expected columns should now agree and your export/import should now work without an error.
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