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The cartridge is stuck inside of the CD player and it won’t eject. Is there a way I can get it out?

If you have a DMC1CD CD Player and your cartridge is stuck, there may be a couple of procedures that may free it up and get it to eject.

5 Second Reset

Your DMC1CD is connected to either a DMC1 or a DMC3-4 intercom master. The intercom master and the CD player must communicate back and forth in order to maintain proper working condition. Should this communication fail, or become out of sync, putting it back into proper sync may solve your problem.

To perform the 5-second reset, follow these steps:

1. Make sure the master is powered on and the source says "CD".

2. Get a small paper clip and straighten it out. This must be a non-plastic, small one, in order to fit into the reset pinhole.

3. Open the door on the left side of the master. Insert the paper clip into the small pin hole just to the left of the #5 room station switch (on a DMC1) or to the right of the #9 switch (for a DMC3-4). It will go in about 1 1/2 inches before making contact.

4. Maintain pressure on the reset button for a minimum of 5 seconds, regardless of what you see on the display of the master.

5. When you pull the paper clip out, you should see the time flashing on the display screen of the master. If so, press the "Time" button seven (7) times in order to get the display to come on solid. If the time is not flashing, repeat steps 3 and 4.

6. Turn the master back on and change source to "CD".

7. Try the CD player again.

A Helping Thumb

If the 5-second reset did not work, then try this:

While pressing on the Eject button, gently push downward on the back of the cartridge (which you should see in the open doorway). Alternately, you can also use something like a kitchen butter knife and again, gently push down on the "top" of the cartridge (looking at it thru the open doorway).

Loosen the Screws

If the previous options do not work, there is one more option. Loosen the two screws holding the CD player to the wall.

Occasionally the unit will bind up if the screws are tightened too tightly. Backing these out may allow enough freedom for the cartridge to eject.

Pop the faceplate off of the CD player. You will find there are two screws holding the unit securely to the wall. Back each of these screws out by a couple of turns and then try to eject the cartridge again.

If the cartridge will still not eject, or if you have an earlier model CD player, then you will need to contact a local dealer and ask for assistance. You can find the dealers in your area by visiting our website at

The dealer may not be able to free the cartridge and may need to send the unit in to our Repair Department. For more information on how to get a return/repair authorization, please see the article, "How do I get a return authorization for my product", at

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